Video- The Fall of Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs


Page rank falling, bad press around the blogs, and wonderful videos that delightfully mocks the lizard king. I see a blog war in full swing. Even Glenn Beck has joined in on the Little Green Footballs pile-up.

Charles has recently turned his spotlight. He is now focusing on the extreme right as well as Islamic terrorism, which I agree with for the most part. “Conservatives” have their extreme elements as well.  Apparently he has angered many of his mythic lizard villagers by mocking creationism.

I found this video on a comment thread at Ace of Spades- funny check it out.

Overall, I like LGF despite Charles Johnson’s tendency of banning people at record speed.

Also see Victor Davis Hanson on the Anti-LGF Feeding Frenzy

I’ll give the devil his due, great job Charles with the Killian documents controversy.

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