Popular Intellectual Swindles -The Official Militant Ignorance Toolbox

Cool tactics, tricks, and tips on how to always be right regardless of what the truth may actually be:

 Second Swindle: Create a straw man – change the meaning of words and attack the newly created meaning. Speak only in proximity.First Swindle: Make a charge of moral infraction, (arrogance/hypocrisy) or intellectual deprivation,  (stupidity). This is useful for concealing ones own ignorance and pride. This tactic is most useful when confronted with compelling facts that can’t honestly be refuted with counter evidence.

Third Swindle: Fire off a barrage of other topics and side issues. This is the equivalent of a boxer throwing salt into the eyes of his adversary.

Fourth Swindle: Move the goal-post. Continually require more “proof” of an opponent’s fact statement- Ad infinitum

Fifth Swindle: Point out any exception to a rule and use the exception as an absolute negation of the rule.

Truth Claim – “pit bulls are fighting dogs”
Exception Negation – “but my friend Mary has a gentle pit bull, so what you say can’t be true.”

This is an example of refusing to make integrations. Without proper integrations concept formation becomes impossible. Regardless of exceptions, qualitative distinctions can, and must be made. Once accurate qualitative distinctions have been made, they must be value ranked.

Free Bonus Swindle! The Birther Factor – Annex all evidence that disproves your theory into the conspiracy.

All of these tools of Militant Ignorance are used 100,000 time a day in order to shelter ones own ideas from coming under scrutiny and evaluation. All are conversation stoppers that retard the further obtainment of truth – all are designed and employed to deflect objective reality away from ones prior commitment to a previously held opinion.

Note: The term “intellectual swindle” was originally coined by the great political philosopher Eric Voegelin. I love using it! It’s so true.