Moral Development Quiz: Where is Your Psychological Home?

Spiral Dynamics (modified by me on this page) maps the complexity codes that shape human nature, create global diversities, and drive evolutionary change.

A person can live in a modern world with cell phones and laptops, while at the same time psychologically live in a world of magic and myth. The spectrum of moral development or vMemes:

This has nothing to do with IQ. One can have a high IQ and function quite well at their job and still live down in the magic and mythological levels of development. In fact, billions of people do just that. This is a small chart that maps out the levels of human development – how people see the world psychologically. All people with normal development reach level four. All other levels are optional and take conscious effort to develop. While the lower levels can utilize the developments of the higher levels, the mind does not “live” there – for example: Hitler used the technology of Orange’s rationality while psychologically “living” down in the Red world of magic.

Black – 1.Archaic-instinctive (Clan structure) – MAGIC
Lives for survival – Population: 4-6% (Think homeless hunter gatherers)
Wild – food, water, shelter, safety, sleep, mating
Yellow – 2.Animistic-tribalistic (Tribe structure) -MAGIC
Lives for past – Population: 10-15% (Think street gangs)
Social – family, tribe, honour, respect elders, ancestors, spirits
Red – 3.Egocentric-exploitive power gods (Tribe/Village structure) MAGIC/MYTHIC
Lives for now – Population: 10-15%
Psychological – power-driven, exploitative, privilege
Blue – 4.Absolutistic-obedience mythic order (Empire) MYTHIC
Lives for afterlife – Population: 35-45% (Think modern religion)
Abstract – purposeful, authoritarian, dualistic, dogmatic
Green – 5.Relativistic-personalistic MYTHIC/RATIONAL
Lives for cause – Population: 35-45%
Community – harmony, liberty, equality, fraternity, relativistic

Rational Levels of Development

Orange - 6.Multiplistic-achievist scientific (Nation state) RATIONAL
Lives for gain, growth and success – Population: 15-20%
Entrepreneurial – strategic, growth & success-driven, acquisitive
Purple – 7.Humanistic-integrative (Planetary/Global order) VISION LOGIC
Lives for synergy and wisdom – Population: 4-6% (Think being at odds with society at large)
Flexibility – spontaneity, competence, intuitive, interconnected, integrated

A few interesting notes on this map: Each level can represent a single person, and at the same time an entire culture. Each level of development has its own art, ethics, capabilities, and pathologies. The population %s are my own modification of statistics that reflect the entire world population. I’ve taken the liberty to adjust the % to reflect the US – it’s an educated guess, but I think I’m in the ballpark.

In political language: The “Red” Muslims got hold of “Orange” technology and killed people with it.”Blue,” recognizing the danger of “Red,” declared war. “Green,” unable to tell the difference between good and evil, argues on behalf of “Red.”

“Orange,” recognizing that this is costing a bunch of money, wishes that Red, Blue, and Green could all just get along. Meanwhile, “Purple” works on a plan…