Misuse Of Order Of Protection: Mom The Terminator

Parental Alienation: The Ultimate Hate Crime
Everyone knows. Any attorney will tell you. The Judge knows, the bailiff knows, and the court reporter knows. What do they know? They know that more often than not, terminator mothers use orders of protection, not as the shield that they were intended for, but rather as a sword to destroy the father.

No evidence is needed to obtain an order of protection. No filing fees, no attorney, nothing other than the claim that “I’m afraid.” The father’s presence at the hearing is not required. A judgment can be issued against you with no opportunity to face your accuser. Your house can be taken away, your car, and your children can all be swept away in an instant.

One wrong step, one Christmas card sent in the mail, and bingo! Dad’s in jail! Heck, the father does not have to do anything, just the simple accusation from the terminator and off to jail you go. Forget about the new job you were to start on Monday. Forget about the money spent on bail. Oh, it could very well be thrown out in the end, but you still lost your job and your bail money, while the terminator walks unscaved.

In my personal case, I was charged with ten separate order of protection violations. Eight were dismissed. The two charges that I plead guilty to were sending Halloween cards to my daughters, and writing a letter asking to see the children for Thanksgiving. I was in jail for Thanksgiving that year for sending the Halloween cards. Trick or treat!

My terminator, Anna Jurich of Carbondale Illinois, had a personal relationship with her small town police department (the chief would often have dinner at her mother’s according to my daughters) and was able to time my arrests just before our OP hearing. This enabled her to delay my being able to receive a visitation schedule for many months. On the morning I was not in jail on the hearing date, I awoke to find all four tires slashed on my car.

Once, after I had received a temporary schedule under the OP, Anna Jurich was able to have the Christopher police waiting on a school bus ready to ambush me when I came to pick the girls up for a Wednesday visitation. I was arrested in front of my daughter’s school. The only time any violence occurred was when mom punched me at a drop off! My brother and I filed reports on this incident, but nothing was ever done about it.

I’ve had visitation with my daughters for the past eight years. Nothing has changed. The terminator can not be stopped. She has dedicated her life to destroying my relationship with my daughters.

Heck, I’m so afraid of my terminator, I think I need an Order of Protection! I bet she even tries taking legal action for me posting this article.

If you are a father who has a terminator after you, please submit your story in the comment section. I will review and post.