Law, Justice, Masturbation, and Marijuana

StreetWisePundit’s MadCast Radio Podcast: Law, Justice, Masturbation, and Marijuana

An Unjust Law is No Law At All
Question from a do goody-good Christian conservative suffering from Abraham syndrome: “What gives you the moral authority to skirt the laws as they exist now and contribute to the crime of the underworld you are “forced” to deal with?”

My statement above comes from St. Augustine, and was later used by Gandhi and Dr. King. We have objective standards that we can use to determine whether a law is just, or unjust. Coffee and cigarettes are legal. Pot is in the same class as these drugs.

We don’t make criminals out of people who drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, or drink beer at a baseball game. Therefore, to make someone into a criminal for smoking pot in unjust. Under what authority do you claim to hold the right to tell other adult people what they should do in their own home concerning pot? You have never smoked pot, and therefore have no first hand knowledge on the subject.

You also do things with your private body parts that other people, if they had the political power, would attempt through force of law to stop you from doing. Law and justice are two different things. It was once part of law to own other people. This failed to meet the standard of justice and was therefore changed. The same should be done concerning pot. When we use objective reality and reason, we can decided these things. That’s my “moral” authority. What’s yours?