Iraqi Surge And The Rules Of Non-engagement

Bush and the American people have been seduced by the Marxist media who, armed with their zoom lenses, await to pounce on any political correctness violations. The Democrats offer no real solutions, other than cashing in on their investment in defeat. This current administration has placed our military on a heavy chain.

In my survey of blogs and interviews of our soldiers, I find a common theme. Our troops are so frustrated with being held back that they are ready to pull their teeth out with a pair of pliers. This is indeed reminiscent of Vietnam. While we go back and forth arguing whether to pull out or to send more troops, we have lost sight of a critical aspect: being able to win a war. You must have the will to fight. Our troops have the will, the American people do not.

The Initial Victory

The overthrow of Saddam and his henchmen army was nothing short of historic. The show of force of Operation Iraqi Freedom gave a wake up call to fascist nations around the world. Libya coughed up their weapons without a shot. Syria pulled out of Lebanon after years of pointless UN resolutions. The predictions of a long war, that were forecast by the Marxist media, were shown to be highly inaccurate after such a sweeping victory.

As well, it was a wonderful moment in history to watch the Iraqi people dancing in the street after having the opportunity to choose their leaders. For sure many good things have happened in Iraq that the Marxist media fails to mention.

We must also remember that America has not suffered another attack directly because of the decisive action taken by our President George W. Bush. I wonder if we could say this if Liberals were in power, who would have pursued the Muslims with police action and negotiations.

All of this was short lived due to the lack of American forces, the short sightedness of the cultural realities, the rules of engagement that provide safe haven for the enemy, and our domestic enemies in the Marxist media.

The Rule of Non-Engagement

Time and again I have heard the stories of our solders being court marshaled for doing their job. How can you send young men and women into combat and then charge them with a crime for shooting first and asking questions later?

If you make a rule that you cannot shoot into a mosque, then the enemy will hide in mosques. If you hold no quarter, if you kill the enemy wherever they may be, then this strikes fear into the enemy, because they realize there is no place to hide.

They hide behind the women and children, because they know we will not shoot at women and children. This gives the enemy strength. Again, if you have permission to kill them wherever they may be, they will not find comfort in hiding behind the women and children. You will also find less women and children willing to serve as shields if they know they will die just as easy as the bastards that are hiding behind them.

On the Afghanistan front we have the same dilemma. Along a five hundred mile strip of land, on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, lie seven tribal regions that have had a “hands off” order. We need more NATO and US forces with “the gloves are off” approach.

Musharraf has failed to combat the growing Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces that have been regrouping. Indeed Musharraf is in a tight spot. Many military officers and government officials have loyalties to these tribes. If Musharraf allows American forces to go into these regions and clear them out, more than likely Musharraf will be beheaded by his own people. Despite this, we need to deal with this growing problem.

Something will also have to be done to combat our domestic enemy. I am speaking about our Liberal citizens and politicians who have worked to ensure America is defeated. I am writing another article devoted to this issue, so I will not go into detail at this time.

How Wars Were Won in the Past

“No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country; he wins the war by making the other bastard die for his.” General George S. Patton

In the days of old you have better hold the fort. If you were defeated, all the men, women and children were killed or put into slavery. This was great for morale. The stakes in our current struggle are just as high, though I do not believe many Americans realize this. We are in a struggle for our life. Our culture and our nation are at stake.

In order to proclaim victory over Germany, Berlin was reduced to rubble. Hiding in a church did not exempt you from being killed. Japan was carpet bombed into the stone-age long before we dropped the big ones. During the carpet bombing campaign some fifty to one hundred and fifty thousand people died each night from the bombing. This is what was necessary to achieve victory. We had to kill some ten million people in order to break the will of the enemy. This is what it will take to achieve victory in Iraq. Just because we have cell phones and MP3 players, does not mean the nature of warfare has changed. You still have to kill people. You must unleash the dogs of war, and the dogs must be allowed to actually bite.

The Moral Evolution of the Iraqi People

Democracy in Iraq, at this point and time, is a dream. This objective must be abandoned. The Iraqi people are not socially evolved enough at this time in history to embrace democracy. This might possibly occur sometime in the future, but not today. Centuries old hatreds must work themselves out before this can take place. When the Iraqi people get tired of killing one another over religious differences, then they will evolve to higher systems of government on their own. You cannot impose democracy through force.

We can, however, hope for some sort of stability. Stability should be the goal and not democracy… possibly a military dictator, or some sort of moderate government that can provide some semblance of stability. Iraq will not be a democracy any time soon, but this does not mean it has to be a terror state.

More than a Surge

I agree we need more troops. Far more than the President is suggesting. You need about forty thousand troops for every two million people in Iraq. That would mean we need somewhere between four hundred and five hundred thousand armed forces personnel. This is the amount that was recommended by the Powell Doctrine, and the amount of troops we used when we drove Iraq from Kuwait. Another twenty or thirty thousand is like spiting into the wind.

On top of more troops, we need to change our rules of engagement so our military can unleash the full force of their abilities. The Sunni triangle should be reduced to a pile of rubble like Berlin in WWII. No mosque or human shields should provide safe haven. These people only respect power; that is how you negotiate with them. You have to speak their language.

The pressure needs to be turned up on Iran and Syria. I was glad to hear that an additional carrier battle group has been dispatched to the region. I hope that this is not simply posturing but rather a real and final warning.

More troops need to be sent to Afghanistan, and operations need to begin to take out the Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces that are gaining strength in the tribal regions.

All of this will require a draft. This will not be popular, the draft never has been, but this is the reality. While we go shopping, watch our sitcoms, download our favorite songs onto our I-pods, the Marxist media claims America is “war weary.” In reality, the American people, other than the families who have loved ones in the military, have been untouched by this war. We need to rally around reality, and truly support our troops. Lincoln once said that a house divided can not stand.

The Feminizing of America

Much of America has been feminized over the past forty years through the philosophy of postmodern Liberalism that has been taught in our schools. The Marxist media continually slants things in favor of defeat. The Democrats hate themselves and want America to suffer. Boys who act like boys are immediately given pills. This is our domestic enemy.

On the other end of the hall, Bush refuses to face reality and refuses to unleash the fury required to secure the victory he claims he wishes to achieve. I was disheartened when Bush spoke as if the Iraqis were going to take the lead and we were to tag along in Baghdad. At the Battle of Yorktown French forces outnumbered American. The battle for Iraq will prove to be just as decisive. It cannot be left to chance.

This war is winnable. It has to be fought without regard for political correctness. The failure in Iraq would be a strategic and moral catastrophe for the United States and its allies. The big question is whether or not the American people have the stomach for the reality of war. Does America truly understand the importance of victory? Does America have the fortitude to do what it takes to win? Will our leaders take the initiative to do what it takes regardless of public opinion polls? Time will tell.