I can take it

Oh my child! Oh my flesh, my blood, my soul. I love you my child, I love you forever and ever and ever. I send you love and light! I send you my soul, my heart, my entire being. There is life and power in my tears. Rivers of tears I’ve cried.

My soul trembles for you my child – I wish I could take away your pain. Give it all to me, for I can take it. Give me my children’s pain oh God! – For I can take it. Give me all the pain.

I sacrifice myself for the love of my children, for all the children who have ever suffered. The pain of the world lays heavy upon my soul today. I can see it. I can cut it with a knife, for it is thick, it is real – profound and holy pain has material substance.
Give it all to me, you gods of holy mockery! Laugh as you may, I’m still standing. I have not abandoned you, oh my child! I’ve taken all the pain that the gods could muster, and I’m still standing.

I was struck down hard in a grassy field of sorrow, as the gods sent down their holy red light of fire and pain, right through my heart. It lifted me off the ground! Like red lightning piercing my soul. Repetitively you struck me with your mighty arm of thunder and pain.
I accept I, I thank you for it, for I can take it. Like Job with his boils, scarred from head to toe – I can take it.

The spirits of past sorrows ride strong and proud with me alongside the river of love. Those forgotten souls of long ago, wars fought when together we laid down our lives amongst the red fields of hate. We fought well together, we died with honor.
Now I return with love in my heart, power in my tears, and thunder in my words. Give it all to me, you gods of mockery and holy laughter – I can take it.