Forced And Natural Segregation

The civil rights movement was a good thing. It had achievable goals with a firm understanding of the nature of things. Today however, what has replaced the civil rights movement is something I call the Liberal rights movement. Unlike it’s predecessor, this movement has goals that are first unachievable, and second destructive if attempted.

Forced Segregation

The civil rights movement set out to end unjust and unnatural forced segregation. The movement hoped for a day when people were judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. It did not, however, seek to end judgment altogether. It also did not seek to end segregation altogether.

Dr. King had a firm understanding of the metaphysical world. Dr. King was a minister of God first, well schooled in the arts of philosophy and theology, and a civil rights activist second. This truth often gets lost today. Today’s Liberal rights movement is composed of attorneys and legal organizations, schooled in the art of rhetoric.

The objectives of the civil rights movement have been achieved as much as they be can in the physical world. The “White only” signs have long been removed. Forced segregation is a thing of the past.

Natural Segregation

We have all heard it said, that today there still exists an unseen segregation that hangs like a stalled weather pattern over our society. An invisible racism that must be destroyed before we as Americans can claim to have achieved the dream of the civil rights movement. This idea is only half correct.

There is indeed an unseen segregation that exists. But this unseen segregation is a part of nature itself. This type of segregation is not only natural, but even good and healthy. It is something to be nurtured and cultivated rather than destroyed. Even more important, man has no power to alter this type of segregation. That’s right. This type of segregation lies in the metaphysical world of being, and gives meaning to the life world. Without it, existence would cease to be. An attorney is unaware of, and ill prepared to deal with this fact. A philosopher, however, is not.

Last year, Dr. King’s son came to one of our local churches and gave an address to the congregation. He talked about this unseen segregation as an enemy. He spoke as if it is somehow unnatural and unjust for bluegills and bass to group into separate areas of the pond. He spoke as if the world would never be right until we create a world where all fish in the pond no longer school in separate groups.

Of course he never mentioned any fish, but the concept is identical. “Birds of a feather flock together” is an old adage that was used to describe what I am talking about. It is a simple concept the Liberal rights movement refuses to accept. It sees all segregation as evil and therefore embarks on metaphysical suicide missions that, in the end, produce the direct opposite outcomes than what they set out to achieve.

Liberalism is really Gnosticism in new clothes. Gnosticism sees the world as fundamentally flawed and attempts to alter the nature of being, rather than cultivating the nature of being. It is a dangerous philosophical megalomania.

Consequences of This Type of Thinking

Rather than lessening racial tensions, this approach actually increases racial tensions. Bluegills and bass are quite content with hanging out separately. If you, through force, throw the bluegill in with the bass, tension increases, anxiety goes berserk, and resentment is the final result, regardless of the good intentions behind this endeavor.

We, as people, are governed by the same natural principles as our fish friends. If we attempt to unhinge the cultural and ethnic glue that holds society together, our society suffers the same fate.

One outcome of this is that White people who are not racist become branded as such, by the Gnostic enterprise of the Liberal rights movement. If a White person recognizes natural segregation, and chooses not to partake in the endeavor to alter the natural ground of being, they will be unfairly stereotyped as a racist. This causes tension and resentment.

Similarly, if a Black person recognizes this reality and chooses to refrain from participating in the Gnostic vision, they will be unfairly stereotyped as an Uncle Tom and a sellout. This causes more unnatural segregation that supposedly this Liberal rights movement claimed it wanted to alleviate.

Another phenomenon created by this type of thinking is the elevation in the occurrence of hoax hate crimes. Because natural segregation is part of the unseen metaphysical world, they are forced to create physical crises. The civil rights movement was successful, and therefore we do not find signs that say “Whites only.” Nor do we see large crowds of men in white hoods rounding up folks for lynching parties.

This leaves the Liberal rights movement empty handed, forced to grasp at straws that do not exist. In order to maintain the appearance of legitimacy, the Liberal rights movement must create crises. This causes more division, more resentment, and injustice.

Nietzsche had something he called “the priestly instinct” that pertains to this situation. In short, the more sin, the more secure the role of the priest. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are two examples of well know Liberal rights activist that suffer from this priestly instinct.

Every town has its own, less know, priests of perpetual victim-hood. Pepper Holder is our local Jessie. He spends every moment of every day in a self imposed prison of victim-hood. I swear, this man wakes up in the morning upset that the milk he poured on his cereal is white!

Because of his thinking, he causes more friction, more divisions, and more bad attitudes. He is a true, card carrying member of the Liberal rights movement.


Until people begin to realize the difference between forced and natural segregation, our society will continue to erode. Until we begin to listen to what the philosophers and theologians have to say about the responsibilities of man, our society will continue to disintegrate. As long as the Liberal rights movement continues to be governed by attorneys, obsessed with the rights of men, to the exclusion of responsibilities of men, our society will continue to come apart at the seams.

This small issue has far-reaching implications that permeate the entire political and social worldspace. From global warming to the war in Iraq, from education to social security, all are affected by the Liberal worldview that refuses to accept the reality of the unseen worldspace. This unseen worldspace provides the foundation of all existence.

The Liberal mass movements are all governed from an attorney’s worldview, in total and willing banishment of philosophical input. This is the key to each and every problem. This is the macro force that permeates each and every micro event and issue. Until we come to terms with this, humanity will continue along the path of destruction.