Chicago Tea Party Leader Threatens to Shoot Blogger

Note: StreetWisePundit was hacked and I lost years worth of content. This is what I was able to recover on ol’ Catherina Wojtowicz. Chicago Tea Party Leader Threatens to Shoot Blogger

Over the past week I have been cyber-stalked by Catherina Wojtowicz, leader of the Chicago Tea Party Patriots. Apparently Catherina Wojtowicz is unhappy with my reporting on the Chicago Tea Party’s 912 march, as well as the march that occurred in Washington DC. As I have recently reported, Catherina Wojtowicz expelled me from the Chicago Tea for my accurate reporting of the Chicago march. Her efforts to fudge the numbers do not serve the movement well.

Then yesterday, I posted this report from the American Free Press that in fact confirms the numbers that I had speculated to be closer to accurate during my own research. Apparently, this set off Catherina Wojtowicz once again.

Later yesterday evening I discovered that Catherina Wojtowicz had returned once again in yet another attempt to slander my name and character by making false statements about me on several Facbook walls that belong to other people. This is a persistent pattern that includes a slanderous email sent to Illinois Tea Central, filled with outright lies as well as other attacks.

Since this last report, I have conducted my own research in an attempt to come as close as possible to the actual numbers that were in attendance at the DC march. Part of my investigation included comparing the Metrorail ridership numbers for the 912 march to other large DC gatherings; and, it became quite obvious that the numbers that are being reported still to this day by some, just cannot be close to accurate.