What is Your News Source?

Where do you regularly get your news from? Do you get your news from mainstream media news sources or do you take the time to find independent news sources? How do you know that your news source is providing the full news source, allowing their viewers to be properly informed?

While mainstream media will produce a multitude of media coverage on a variety of topics, the sources also tend to be ran by corporations and organizations that have an agenda behind the message they are attempting to portray. The presentation of the news story is generally one sided and biased, used as propaganda to fulfill an agenda and filled with a multitude of unnecessary advertisements that distract the viewer from the true issues.


Wouldn’t it be great to find reliable news without the distractions of over-the-top advertisements?  Wouldn’t it be great to find news that covers the whole story rather than just what the news media source wants you to know?

Finding a good news source is important to expand an individual’s knowledge and stimulate their personal interests. Additionally, being thoroughly informed allows individuals to contribute more to society because they are more thoughtful in regards to society and current events. Independent news sources provide their viewers with news stories with subsistence, thought-provoking content, and unbiased stories that are informative. Additionally, independent news sources tend to avoid anything that distracts their viewers from the news story, such as propaganda and advertisements.

Street Wise Pundit: Your Source

When considering your independent news sources, consider Street Wise Pundit to provide you with thought provoking and intelligent news stories. Our online media will provide you with full and unbiased news stories so that viewers and readers are informed on what is important in society today. In addition to providing readers with news stories that are thought provoking, we also provide news stories that allow our viewers to gain knowledge of what is happening on the streets.

What You’ll Find on SWP

At Street Wise Pundit, we provide an array of topics of news stories to please all of our readers and viewers:


The Latest News:

While there are some news stories that take time to develop, it is important to also be informed about what the latest news stories are. The latest news coverage addressed the most significant current news, generally reporting the details of the that will most benefit the viewers.

Many important topics covered in the Latest News include  politics, current events, public interest, government, crime, and justice. Many times the stories covered in the Latest News are local or national, as they provide the most impact and information to their viewers.


World News:

Keeping current on world news givens readers and viewers a deeper understanding on what is happening in the world. It is important for individuals to keep current on World News stories, as many times, world news affects many decisions that happen both locally and nationally. When individuals are current on world news and events, in addition to local and national news stories, they become more informed on why it is that certain events are happening closer to home. Many topics covered within world news may include natural disasters, politics, wars, government, politics, and personal interest.

Chicago Crime Reports:

Many individuals may be aware of the crime happening in their area, but they may only be cognate of the crime stories that are sensationalized enough to hit mainstream media sources. The reality is that there are lots of crimes happening every day that individuals may not even be aware of. Knowing the crime reports not only informs individuals about what is happening in their area or in surrounding areas, but it allows them to be more aware. An individual who is more aware and alert has a better chance of being a contributing member of society and aid in lowering the crime rates. Individuals who are not fully informed may not be aware of the crimes in their area or even become the victim of a criminal due to lack of knowledge.

Keeping updated on Chicago Crime Reports will grant readers valuable knowledge to make more informed decisions and become a more active member of society.

Christian Nationalism:

Religion plays a vital role in both individuals and society. There are many Christian groups who are contributing to the progression of society through education, aiding the homeless, helping the needy, feeding the hungry, and providing opportunities to individuals who may otherwise not have particular opportunities. Christian groups are actively partaking in society through direct services and programs offered to individuals in need and by hosting an array of events that allow them to obtain the resources they need to be enabled to provide these services. By providing these services and opportunities to others, Christian groups are helping others become effective and contributing members of society.

Keep informed and current with all the great things that Christian Nationalism is providing for society and also allows for individuals to contribute to the efforts made by these groups as well.

Random Thoughts:

Not all news portrayed in media sources has to be bad news or completely serious. Sometimes, viewers and readers need a break from the seriousness provided to them in media sources or they would like to hear the opinion of someone else on a particular subject. It could be that many times, we read about an issued covered in the media and we may not know what opinion to form. What’s great about the digital era is that after topics have been presented to viewers and readers, there are a multitude of platforms that allow viewers and readers to learn about the various opinions and thoughts formed about the topic or to even jump in on a discussion.

Random Thoughts covers an array of topics covered in the media, providing more than just the news story, but the thoughts behind the event.



While news sources try to give as many details to a news story as possible, there are limitations as to how many details are provided and how much of the story is truly covered. Many of these limitations include a specific amount of time a story is allowed to be covered on the air or how many words are allowed to in a news story. Many times, these limitations are enforced to allow for other stories to get covered and other times the limitations are enforced to catch the attention of the individual before they lose interest in the media coverage.

Ever find yourself confused about a particular story or wanting to know more? Luckily there are a multitude of Documentaries available that provide curious viewers with the full story, beyond what was covered in a short news segment or article.

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